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ignition is a modern and powerful spreadsheet application with a small but relational all-purpose database.

You can realize your address database and manage your apartment house or whatever you like. You can calculate with times and dates as if they were regular numbers. The whole system can be controlled via ARexx.

You have several possibilities to visualize your data. The different diagram and object types are implemented via an add-on architecture.

It's currently in beta status, meaning it's pretty much feature complete, but might still have a few annoying bugs.


It's licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3. The exception are the files needed to build add-ons for ignition, allowing you to develop add-ons that are under a more permissive license, or even closed source.

Contact / Bug Reports

There are currently three mailing lists intended as communication channels for ignition:

To report bugs or file feature requests, please use the ticket tracker provided by SourceForge:

To discuss feature requests, the mailing list is also a good choice.